Pepsi hands Web Guru 7UP interactive work

PepsiCo China has appointed Web Guru Asia to design and develop a strategic web campaign to support 7UP's marketing activities in mainland China this summer. Web Guru Asia will work closely with PepsiCo's ad agency, BBDO CNUAC, to create a quirky online contest that encourages young Chinese consumers to interact with Fido Dido, the brand's mascot recently revived after being dropped due to copyright issues with the creator in mid-90s. "We felt that Web Guru Asia had the experience and imagination to bring the 7UP brand and its association with Fido Dido to life on the internet, "said Richard Feng, marketing manager for 7UP China. Fido Dido, the quick-witted icon that took a generation by storm with its 'King of cool' attitude in the 90s, has taken centre stage in recent 7UP campaigns across the region.

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